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Welcome to Week 3 — Superannuation

Suzi O'Shea

Suzi O'Shea

26/03/2021 • 1 minute read

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In the iconic words of Bon Jovi, “Whoa…we’re halfway there!” (yeah I did). It’s week 3 and we’re going to be guiding you through the intricate labyrinth of superannuation, affectionately known as super.

The past couple of years, due to legislation changes, stock market crashes and a pandemic, we have more attention to super than we ever did before.

What will we cover this week?

We have learnt a little more about how our nest eggs work, what we can do to build them, and how our choices of super funds can impact the environment.

This week, we will take you through salary sacrifice, put together a checklist to help you change funds and everything you need to know about how to choose a super fund.

Superannuation has made recent news, yet again, with further changes to legislation. This time, the government has introduced a scheme to allow employees a choice of paying into their super or having more take home pay. This is a topic we will go into more detail to help you make a more informed decision as to whether or not you should invest into your super.

What do you need for week 3?

We have made your prep for this week really simple. All you have to do is watch this video and stay tuned on social media. If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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Suzi O'Shea

Written by Suzi O'Shea

Suzi O'Shea is a contributing writer for Oiyo. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Communications with honours from Southern Cross University. Suzi has worked in media for over 15 years and has been published in several online publications as well as print magazines. She has worked as a freelance writer, speaker, and change management facilitator.

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