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5 Ways To Save Money On New Year’s Eve

Katie Douglass

Katie Douglass

26/03/2021 • 3 minute read

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2020 has been a challenging year for Australians, to say the least. We faced devastating bushfires across the country, floods, and then last, but not least, a global pandemic hits. It’s fair to say we’re looking forward to seeing the end of the mess that was 2020 with a bottle of champagne, delicious food, and a killer playlist. While we are all for a much-deserved celebration, there’s no reason you have to break the bank to do so.

Whether you’re planning on hitting the town or staying in, we’ve put together five tips to help you save money on New Year’s Eve. Check them out below!

5 ways to save money on New Year’s Eve

1. Throw or attend a house party

From overpriced entry tickets to inflated alcohol and meal prices, going out on the town for New Year’s Eve can be an expensive venture. A cheaper option is attending a house party. You still get to have a great night with friends but without the pressure and dollars that come with going out.

If no one is throwing a party, why not host one yourself? Just roundup those you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with, make it BYOB, get everyone to bring a dish, and put together that killer playlist we mentioned earlier.

If you don’t fancy going to a house party or throwing one, look at your local listings guides for free events in your town.

2. Rent or swap an outfit

After months of living in sweatpants, we don’t blame you for wanting to buy a sparkly dress to ring in the New Year. But that sparkly dress (or Yeezy kicks if that’s your jam) for just one night out can set you back hundreds of dollars. Save money and still look your best by renting a party dress or outfit from designer rental websites such as Glam Corner, Designerex, and Your Closet. Or, see if you can swap outfits with a friend.

If the idea of renting an outfit doesn’t sound appealing, take advantage of the Boxing Day sales. There’s bound to be plenty of after-dark outfit options at a discounted price.

3. Save the straight bubbly until the last strike

Drinking champagne to ring in the New Year is a time-old tradition (dating back over 1,500 years, in fact) but that doesn’t mean you need to stock up on bottles of it. Instead, serve up champagne punch or fun cocktails throughout the night. Then, wait until the very last moment to pop open a bottle of the straight bubbly. This will make it more special and also cut down on costs at the same time.

4. Avoid expensive booze

Speaking of booze, it gets real pricey on New Year’s Eve. Alcohol prices go through the roof so be strategic about which alcohol you choose. We recommend swapping out champagne for Prosecco or opting for vodka mixes. Punch is always a good, cheap, tasty option. Check out these great recipes.

5. Plan transport

New Year’s Eve is notorious for surge pricing when it comes to ride-sharing apps. Not to mention the often limited public transport options available. If you’re attending a house party, see if you can stay over at your mate’s place to avoid catching an Uber or taxi. Or, if you’re going out, try to split the fare with friends when heading home.

Another option is to see if someone wants to be a hero a.k.a the designated driver for the night. Since New Year’s Eve is the biggest drinking night of the year, this might be a tad difficult.

If you want to get public transport, and it’s safe to do so, keep a timetable handy to make sure you don’t miss the last bus or train.

Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your New Year’s celebrations.

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Katie Douglass

Written by Katie Douglass

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