Ep.2: Does Money Equal Success?
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Ep.2: Does Money Equal Success?

Angelica Silva

Angelica Silva

26/03/2021 • 1 minute read

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Episode summary

In October 2020, the Australian Government announced a complete overhaul of its university fee system. Passing contentious laws to decrease the prices of degrees that they believe are more likely to get you a job after graduating, while dramatically increasing fees for degrees that they believe will not – humanities degrees. Does studying a certain degree over others really guarantee you a job and a stable income? The Oiyo team sits down with Ishara Sahama, Human Geographer and Community Organiser, to delve into why not all degrees are equal in the eyes of the Australian government.

Credits: This episode has been produced by Angelica Silva. Edited by Ben Fowler and Angelica Silva, graphics by Gabriel Mendoza.


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About our guest

Ishara Sahama

Ishara is a Human Geographer, with interests and experience in social and urban geography, gender studies, urban economics, sustainability and social justice. She is a BA Honours (Geography) alumni from The University of Queensland, specialising in Urban and Feminist Geography.

She has extensive volunteer and professional experience in environmental, entrepreneurship building, facilitation, mentoring, leadership, youth/social justice, humanitarian and gender empowerment areas. One of Ishara’s main passions is ensuring that the experiences and voices of those who typically are not heard, including those from gender-diverse groups, are recognized and included in decision-making processes pertaining to social and urban development.

Connect with Ishara on LinkedIn.

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Angelica Silva

Written by Angelica Silva

Angelica Silva is a contributing writer for Oiyo. Over the years, Angelica has worked as a journalist for a range of publications with her work appearing in SBS, Business Insider, and Brown Girl Magazine. She has a Bachelor of Journalism and Arts from the University of Queensland.

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