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Moving House Checklist: Everything to Consider When Moving

Angelica Silva

Angelica Silva

26/03/2021 • 6 minute read

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It’s 40 degrees outside. You live on the third floor of a townhouse. The removalists are arriving in half an hour. When it comes to moving house, there’s no denying it sits high on the list of life’s biggest stressors. 

For many, moving house is associated with moving to a bigger or better home, purchasing a new home, job relocation, taking up new educational opportunities, moving in with a partner, or simply having a lifestyle change. With the Australian Government’s fairly recent announcement to extend an additional 10,000 First Home Loan Deposit Scheme places for the 2020-21 financial year, we have a feeling more people will be on their way to getting the keys to their new home.  

In fact, we have become quite the flighty population, moving far more regularly and casually than the previous generation. Data from the 2016 census from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals almost half the Australian population has moved during the past five years, one in every six people in the past 12 months. The census also found one-third of young Australians aged 20 to 29 change address every 12 months and two-thirds move every five years.

So if you’re likely to be on the move soon, we’ve put together this handy moving house guide with some of the most common things you may need to do – all without resorting to the likes of Grumpy from Snow White. For the full checklist, just scroll to the very bottom.  

Preparing for your move  

Inform the right people about your big move

So, you’ve made the big decision to move, now comes the list of important people you’ll need to notify. To ensure you’re not paying for another month’s rent, start with your real estate agent or landlord. After that comes disconnecting your utilities, cable, and internet and arranging to have them set up in your new home.

Disconnect and connect utilities 

Once you’ve got your move-out date set, start arranging your utilities to be disconnected at the house you are moving out of and connected ready for your arrival at your new home.

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Disconnect or transfer your:

  • Landline/broadband/NBN
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water

Update your address details

To make sure you still receive important mail, be sure to let your service providers know your new address. By updating your address and service providers sooner, this will help ensure none of your services are interrupted and that you continue to receive all of your bills.

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  • Banks details, credit cards and other financials
  • Phone company
  • Tax and legal advisors
  • Medical practitioners
  • The Electoral Commission
  • The Australian Taxation Office
  • Your superannuation fund
  • The roads authority in your state or territory, who can update your driver’s licence
  • Clubs, associations and other groups
  • Any subscription services or online shopping websites

Find out if you need a removalist or cleaning service

When moving, you generally have two choices – moving your belongings yourself or with the help of friends or family, or finding a professional removalist. If you would rather hire a removalist service, then you’ll need to be quick. Removalists and cleaning companies can book up real fast, so you’ll need to arrange these services well in advance. The same goes for hiring a handyman to make repairs or renting out a storage locker to keep all the things your partner or friend won’t let you display around the house – we’re looking at that ‘live, laugh, love’ sign of yours. 

Clear your calendar 

A lot of people tend to underestimate the stress that comes on the actual moving day. The last thing you need is to be in the thick of shuffling heavy boxes around while you’ve got a dozen missed calls from work. Set yourself up for an interruption-free move by taking the whole week off from work, if possible. By focusing on the move alone and not on a thousand other things around you, you’ll experience fewer setbacks. 

Consider organising insurance

It’s a good idea to consider organising moving insurance to protect your belongings on the occasion that something does go wrong. If you’re concerned about items arriving at your new property in damaged condition, you can ask your provider about getting cover during your move.  

Start packing 

Whether your moving house or attempting the annual spring clean, we all know what it’s like to rediscover belongings that were long forgotten about. So while you’re digging through a pile of fluorescent-coloured Supre’ leggings you bought in Year 10, think about how you’re going to dispose of the items you no longer need – bin, garage sale or donate? There’s nothing wrong with being ruthless with what you take to your new abode. 

Get supplies

We know what you’re thinking – boxes, newspaper and a few pens, what more could you need? When it comes to packing supplies, don’t skimp! Stocking up on everything now will save you the stressful Bunnings trips on moving day. Yes, we know it’s another chance to grab a snag but trust us, you won’t want to be driving around on the actual day of your move. Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to Officeworks?

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To ensure your fragile items are packed carefully, make sure you use sufficient padding and bubble wrap. Don’t forget to clearly label them as fragile, too. Designating where your items belong will make a huge difference for both you and your movers.

Moving day 

Have a backup plan 

It’s not uncommon to run into trouble on moving day. There are going to be times when you just feel like sobbing into the salad bowl your Mum gave you. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. 

Whether it’s your moving truck breaking down or the power not being connected in the new property, it’s important to remember there’s always bound to be some surprises and that you cannot control everything.You can, however, be prepared. If things don’t go according to plan, arrange for a place to stay, whether it’s a hotel or with family or friends. 

You can also save yourself multiple headaches by providing a walkthrough to let movers, cleaners and handymen know your specific needs or requests. This means letting them know in advance what time to arrive and arranging parking for each service.


Preparing for your move   ✔ Inform your landlord or real estate agent

✔ Inform your friends and family 

✔ Disconnect or transfer your service and utility providers

Update your address details and providers

Find out if you need a removalist or cleaning service

✔ Hire a removalist company

✔ Book in a move out cleaning service 

✔ Hire a handyman 

✔ Rent a storage locker 

✔ Confirm travel arrangements

Clear your calendar 

✔ Schedule time off work

✔ Arrange for childcare or a pet sitter if necessary 

Consider organising insurance

Start packing  Get supplies:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Fragile warning tape
  • Newspapers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sharpies
Moving day  ✔ Arrange for backup accommodation

✔ Plan for secondary transportation

✔ Ensure parking is available for all services

✔ Schedule services at appropriate times throughout the day

✔ Have cash payments ready

✔ Provide a walk-through for each service 

Cross the finish line

There you have it! Everything you need to plan your big move. What’s even more important than not forgetting to haul your pot plants into your new home? Remembering to pop open a bottle of bubbly the moment that the last box comes through the front door. Forget the glasses, drink it straight from the bottle – you’ve earned it.  

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Angelica Silva

Written by Angelica Silva

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