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The 9 Best Budgeting Apps for Aussies

Angelica Silva

Angelica Silva

26/03/2021 • 6 minute read

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Suffering from budget blues? Maybe you’re on your third pack of two-minute noodles for the week or you’ve just started clipping coupons. We know, saving your hard-earned cash doesn’t come easy. Fortunately, thanks to the blessing that is technology, there are apps out there to help you budget and manage your money in easier, more effective ways. Ways that don’t involve so much MSG.

Oiyo has done some digging and compiled a list of nine of the best budgeting apps we believe are currently on the market. Whether you want to budget your money, check on your balance, keep track of tax receipts, or even grocery shop smarter – these are the apps for all your budgeting needs!

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Bear in mind, we’re not financial advisors, we’ve chosen these apps based on their cool features and user-friendly platforms. Make sure you check the integrity of any app before you give them access to your bank accounts and data.

1. Your bank’s app

Cost: Free

It’s 2020 people. Whatever bank you’re currently with has their own app, and it’s probably a good one. So before you delve deeper into this handy list we’ve put together, why not have a look into online banking with your own bank? Using your own bank’s app is the most convenient way to keep an eye on everything going on in your account. But if you’re already doing this and want something with more features, then keep reading!

2. Pocketbook

Cost: Free


Meet the A-list of budgeting apps. As the name implies, Pocketbook is a personal financial assistant in your own pocket. A free budgeting tool that syncs to your bank account, Pocketbook categorises your purchases into all the things that make up you: car expenses, shopping, takeaways and much more. You can also set up budgets for each category and check your transactions. So, you’ll be able to get a clear understanding of where you spend your money and the best ways to curb unnecessary costs.

3. Finch

Cost: Free


If you’re a bit of a social butterfly who finds themselves frequently out for dinner and drinks with friends or grabbing a quick lunch with coworkers, Finch is a must-have for ensuring you’re not using your hard-earned cash to pay for other people’s expenses. Whether you need to split the bill for a group meal or divvy up the cost of festival tickets, Finch makes “going dutch” as effortless as possible. The app lets you pay someone money, request that someone else pay you, and even create groups to track shared expenses across multiple people. Say goodbye to those awkward IOU conversations

4. Spendee

Cost: Three pricing plans: Free, Plus & Premium


“I’m so busy” – three little words we say all the time. Whether it’s our job, uni assessments, side hustle projects or hobbies, we often feel like we don’t have the time to sit down and plan out an entire budgeting system. That’s what Spendee is for! This personal finance app allows you to track your finances on the go and at the touch of a button. It syncs to your bank account, lets you closely analyse your spending, and even allows you to set up budgeting limits and goals. A bonus if you’re someone with shared expenses: Spendee has a shared wallets option if you’ve got shared expenses as a couple, with your family, or with your roomies.

5. PocketSmith

Cost: Three pricing plans: Free, Premium & Super


Another personal financial assistant in your pocket! PocketSmith is a savvy budgeting tool that packs a punch. It automatically imports your bank transactions, gives you access to loads of useful reports, and has an easy-to-navigate dashboard to give you a clear summary of your financial activity. But wait, there’s more! On top of this, PocketSmith offers a range of other fab features – the crown jewel is the calendar function, which gives you an aesthetic visualisation of your daily, weekly, and monthly spending projections.

6. MoneyBrilliant

Cost: Two pricing plans: Free & Premium


Whether you’re someone who makes purchases on impulse, or goes into full investigative mode and takes an hour just to decide if you should buy that moisturiser, MoneyBrilliant believes when people’s finances are better organised, they make better purchasing decisions. If you’re looking for an app that covers all your bases, MoneyBrilliant has got your back. It connects to almost any bank account, along with your super, credit cards and loans, and categorises your transactions. It also has features that track your insurance premiums and detect your bills. Did we mention it even reminds you when they are due, if they’ve been paid, or if they were missed? We could all use a few reminders like these.

7. Moneytree

Cost: Free


We all know the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” While we can’t grow it on trees (yet.. here’s hoping), Japanese-founded app Moneytree can help grow your money management strategy to its most fruitful potential. The app links all your finance streams, including bank accounts, digital money, super, and credit cards. From there, it uses AI to analyse and display all this info into a bigger financial picture. Moneytree also accesses your loyalty points, like Frequent Flyer, to keep you updated on how many points you have, when you can use them and even alert you if they are about to expire.

8. Goodbudget

Cost: Two pricing plans: Free & Plus


We Ever heard of the envelope budgeting system? It’s a simple approach to saving money that involves separating your monthly budget into envelopes for particular categories. You then decide how much should be spent on each category, and only take out money from the relevant envelope to pay for that bill. Goodbudget is essentially the modernised version of this system, and it’ll save you a lot of envelopes. You can get the free version of the app which gives you 10 envelopes, or pay $6 a month for unlimited envelopes.

9. WiseList

Cost: Free


Would you believe us if we told you there’s a way to manage your bills, shop for groceries AND meal prep? There really is an app for everything. WiseList lets you kill two birds with one stone by tracking your spending and bills, and saving money on your grocery shopping. Showing products from Coles and Woolies, the app features weekly specials catalogues and collaborative grocery lists that show price information on items, allowing you to compare and and score more bang for your buck. WiseList also has a bill management feature that allows you to store all your bills in one place and set a time for when you want to be notified when your bills are due.

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